It’s About Time…

If you are reading this then you are about to embark on a journey called life with me.  As many of you know I just graduated from college in May.  After college the ‘real world’ kicks in, but here is the kicker. NOBODY prepares you for the ‘real world’. No one sits you down and talks about exactly what your world will look like after exiting the education system.  At first, that simple fact frustrated me.  I wanted someone to tell me what to do.  Family, teachers, professors, my peers had been influencing my decisions for 21 years, and now I was more or less on my own.  But I now realize that instead of being upset, I should be proactive.

I have thought long and hard about how to announce this to the world, to make it public and I think this is the best way.  This way those who honestly care about me will read it and know, and those who care on the surface will not have single idea in the world.  As I was thinking of a way to start this blog, I read through a blog I follow this morning and these words jumped off the page…

“I was standing beside a boy I wanted to love more than anything. I was angry, so angry with God, because those feelings weren’t coming. Nothing in my body was morphing into a ‘hell yes.’ I was living in Connecticut. I was resistant to the idea of Georgia even though I knew signs of me going there were getting planted before me on the regular. Atlanta would mean I would have to give me up my last shred of control. I was not cool with letting go of my last shred of control.” (For the rest of this post go to this URL: Seriously you should subscribe to this blog)

That entire quote is my life right now. About a month ago a man walked into my life, and for the first time I thought to myself ‘this could be it’. It has not been just a convenient relationship, it has been my first real relationship.  In case you were not aware, I am in love with love. I want nothing more than to end up married with a family.  However, God has a different plan apparently.

Which brings me to my big announcement. I am giving up my last shred of control to God by uprooting and moving to La Union,

Honduras for a year to teach! I will be teaching 6th grade reading, math and science. You may or may not know that I am passionate about missions, serving others and also children. I believe that children can make our future bright. So needless to say I have been stopped at a fork in the road. The left fork had all I thought I wanted. A real relationship, comfort being close to home, and a decent job. However, the right fork held what God wanted for my life. A real relationship with Him, having to take comfort in Him and not material things, and a job that may not pay the best but is none the less serving Him.

I have chosen the right fork. I leave August 4th for what will probably be the greatest/scariest/most rewarding year of my life. However, I have taken rest and refuge in the fact that if this is truly what God has appointed me to do (and I believe He has) then He will provide what I need for this journey.

I will be using this blog to communicate back to the States when I am in Honduras, so if you want to continue to hear about my adventures (and see some adorable pictures of my 6th graders!) then subscribe to my blog to receive automatic updates when I post!

La Union is an area built on a plateau surrounded by lush mountains. The main source of income in the area is coffee, which I personally am looking forward to! For more information on La Union you can visit La Union Information.

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2 thoughts on “It’s About Time…

  1. Nobody can teach you better than Life itself. Unfortunately, we can learn and try to use somebody’s experience but it doesn’t work. Everybody has to pass her or his own way in the life. With your optimistic and positive attitude you will be just fine. Wish you wonderful Life Journey. God Bless You!

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