Do You Love Me?

Jesus asks Simon Peter three times in the Bible a seemingly simple question…Do You Love Me? The love that Jesus is referring to in this passage is not a simple feeling. Love in this sense stands for so much more. It stands for trust, dependence, acknowledgement, and most importantly it asks us to give up our own desires and to instead follow His desires for our lives.

Do You Love Me?

The first time I felt God asking me this question was when I was offered a position with Abundant Life Christian Schools. Not only would I need to learn to teach, but I would need to learn to teach math and science both of which are arguably my worst subjects. On top of all of that, I would have to learn to teach in a different country and a different culture. A culture where I am the minority. A culture where I do not speak to main language. A culture that I do not entirely understand.

Do You Love Me?

The second time I was asked this question was when I left home Tuesday morning. For the first time in my life I was traveling without a member of my family as a safety net. I was about to embark on not one but two plane rides. I also just happened to be leaving the country. My only source of communication was my Ipod when I had Wifi access. That is right, no cell phone! So what if something happened? What if this whole teaching in Honduras thing turned out to be a scam?

Do You Love Me?

The third time I was asked this question was during my orientation this past Thursday and Friday. During orientation we were given information on the culture, how to teach, school rules, policies, and procedures. TWO DAYS PEOPLE. People spend 4 years learning how to teach in America, I had two days. Do I feel confident about being a teacher? Absolutely not! Do I feel confident about being in a different culture? Absolutely not. Do I feel comfortable not being able to speak much Spanish? Nope.

Also…I DO NOT LIKE BUGS WITH STINGERS!!!!!! I do not know how else to make that clearer, I literally have a mini panic attack when I have to kill wasps, or bees. When we pulled up to my new house for the first time, low and behold, a nest of hornets (You know those American Wasps on steroids?) was dangling from our porch. But my new roommates and I figured, no big deal! We just won’t keep our door open…or our windows! After all we would much rather be hot than have to deal with hornets getting into our new home! However, as we were sitting down last night eating our first meal together in our house, one of my roommates notices a flying figure in our light. And out flies our worst nightmare. With a small amount of Raid left from previous tenants, a fly swatter for each of us and our brilliant minds we started our battle. I’ll spare you the details of the 45 minute battle (and I’m not exaggerating about that), but we ended up winning the fight.

So…Do I Love Him?

If you know how the story with Simon Peter and Jesus ends, then be prepared for a plot change! God has been continuously asking me if I love Him, if I trust Him with my life. And my answer is YES. Before this new adventure in Honduras, my answer probably would have been no. I thoroughly enjoy being in control of my own life. But there is absolutely no way I can do any of this on my own. God is literally the rock on which I stand. If I did not have my faith to lean on, I would have nothing. So yes, I love Him and I trust Him.

What’s New in La Union you may ask? Well my house mates and I are settling in nicely to our new home! The Lord seriously blessed me with two amazing house mates! Micanna Pelkey and Emily Henry, here’s to you! We have named our house Epsilon Mu Lambda (EML) aka Feather Bed-Mummy-Little or maybe even Little Mummy Feather Bed! We’ll have to discuss that and get back to you! Today I also got to experience my first church service in La Union at the Vida Abundante church! I got to meet a Honduran teacher who speaks english, which is great! I would mention her by name but I am saving myself from the embarrassment of obliterating the spelling of her name! But her and her Spanish speaking mother did tell me that I was a “muy bonita gringa” which means a very beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed person. She made sure to tell me that gringa is not always derogatory. This same teacher also went on to ask me if I was single, to which I of course responded that yes I was. She told me not to tell anyone that I was single because then all the boys would come after me! But she said if I had a crush on anyone that I could just come and tell her and she would set me up. So I will keep you posted on the Abundant Life Bachelorette throughout the season!  The only other new thing worth noting here is that I have sweat more in the last 5 days then I think I have in my entire life!

Prayer Requests:

  1. Continued strength to make it through the days.
  2. That the Lord would use me to bless the 6th graders I will be teaching this year.
  3. That I continue to stay strong in my faith so I don’t burnout or completely lose it!
  4. Also prayers for all of the teachers here at my school, but also the teachers in Gracias and Yamaranguila which are with the same school “system” I am working with. Not only the teachers, but the communities we all live in as well. I will get more in to the culture in another post but just know that these towns are not always puppies and sunshine. These people just need love and prayer.

Thank you for all that you have done for me so far! I do appreciate it!

Love from La Union



12 thoughts on “Do You Love Me?

  1. Congrats to you on your new adventure! God pushes us out of our comfort zone to show us just how strong we really are, so just rely on Him and He will work out all the rest. We have no doubt that you will be a blessing to your students!

  2. Sending you love! This year of teaching will be difficult and challenging – it was for me, even though I had 4 years of schooling to prepare for it. Just remember to breathe, and don’t take any negative comments or behaviors from students personally because you’ll just end up crying a lot over things you can’t control. You’ve already handed your “control” situation over to God – He is the one in charge, not you.

  3. An amazing few days … Think of what the next months hold !!!????!!! God does not call the equipped, He equips those he calls. Hugs ….

  4. Lol I love that you were concerned the whole thing might be a scam. That’s great. I’ve been praying for you! I’m mainly praying that you’ll channel your inner me and miraculously become fluent in Spanish! Sí se puede baby!!

  5. Wow, Lynnae, thanks for sharing! Your writing is so easy to read–I love it.

    I am praying for you as you tackle all sorts of new challenges and experiences. I am right there with you! I feel like I have layer upon layer upon layer of new transitions and challenges to maneuver all at the same time and it is a lot. Praying for you, too! When does school begin?

    Also, you’re perfect for sixth graders! Yay!


  6. I miss you bunches & I can not wait for you to come home! I hope that you are enjoying everything that you are doing and I am so very proud of you! Meeting you right before you left was probably one of the best things that has happened to me! Even though we didn’t know each other for long, the short time we were together was unforgettable! I know you miss everyone and maybe the days don’t get easier but we all know that there was a huge plan for you! I am so so so proud of you Lynae!!!!

    On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 9:21 AM, Marissa Sharp wrote:

    > Hello you lady! > > >

    1. Thank you for the encouraging note! It is much needed, I love everything about being here but that does not mean it is not the most challenging thing I have done in my life so far! I am so glad I got to meet you too! I miss you!

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