A Grown Up Christmas

Growing up I would get so mad.

As a family, we have always celebrated Christmas differently. Gifts were never a big part of our holiday traditions. We would wake up early to open maybe some small gifts (except for the Christmas I got a desk…that was epic!). But mainly we just did small stocking gifts. Which was all fine! Until we would meet up with our extended family. After seeing and hearing about all these spectacular gifts my cousins had received I would be furious. Thinking that obviously my parents did not love me because they did not get me all these awesome gifts for Christmas, as a matter of fact…they did not even shower me with gifts for my birthday!


But that is exactly the mindset I have come to despise. In fact, I am so glad that my parents never made any holidays about receiving anything other than quality time and love from those around you. Your family, your close friends, and most importantly God. After all, is not that what Christmas is all about? Jesus being born? Listen to these two songs. This song from the perspective of Mary. And this one from the persepctive of Joseph. These two songs are both singing about the same baby, the same reason.
It is all about perspective.

The definition of perspective according to me is the outlook and disposition you have gained over your lifetime due to your personal trials and circumstances. If we progress under that definition it is logical to conclude that we all have a different perspective. One person’s perspective is not right, while the others is wrong. No. The beautiful thing about perspective is that we can appreciate, and even learn and grow from opening ourselves up to a different perspective. After all, how will we ever firm our own beliefs if we do not try them against others? It is a lot like building a muscle, the only way to make it stronger is by pushing it outside it comfort zone, challenging it. To make our beliefs stronger we need to challenge them.

This brings me back to my point.

From my perspective, I have been blessed with the chance to look at things much differently than most others in my life. At Christmas time, I do not get envious of other people’s gifts (anymore) instead I have struggled with missing those that I cannot be with more and more. I may not be able to be with them because they have passed away, distance, not longer part of my life, etc. And every Christmas I am wrecked because I am missing someone or more than one someone. But how stupid is that? I have people surrounding me that love me and care about me, but instead I am focusing on who I do not have. That is pathetic. Let’s not be pathetic together this holiday season. Enjoy those who are surrounding you!


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