I have been asking God to share one word with me for this New Year. I am not into the whole New Years Resolution thing, but I would love to have one word to focus on this year.

That word has been revealed, it is content.

After receiving this word its meaning has only continued to become more clear the more I pray and the more I think about it. To me being content means that you are choosing to except the situation no matter your feelings towards it.

So the deal is, I am not happy being in Honduras. Not because I do not like it, I love the students, the staff, the culture, everything! But I feel the end coming nearer and nearer. As the end of my time here draws closer, I seem to get more and more anxious every day.

However, God has helped me see that I may not feel like I want to be here right now but I need to be content with being here. I need to be content because God has placed me here for a very specific purpose, and that purpose will not be fulfilled until I finish my time here. So, in this new year I am vowing to God (and myself) that I will be content in whatever situation or season I find myself in. I will be content no matter what my feelings are about the situation or season.

After all, God is in control and, well, He is much wiser than I am. So why not stay and listen to His commands? Stay and finish His work?

That is where I am at! I hope that this blog post finds you and your family well after the holidays! I am excited to be home and to see everyone, love everyone, hug everyone! Continued prayers for my contentment would be lovely! Much love from Honduras!


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