1916667_10154035617805948_4455896128736885154_n12772004_10208788477772127_1848038890194050675_o12764842_10154028432021789_8281475740951342759_o12795247_10154023680416789_6147262289837204028_o12909589_10154077691690948_4901368595165052176_o12439422_10154083171540948_7021432742645203705_n1480685_10154026998540948_1575783484388380941_nI have been asking myself this question a lot lately, what or where is “home”? The dictionary definition is this… “the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.” However, I have also heard the phrase “Home is where the heart is.” numerous times throughout existence.

So what is home?

Is home a place? According to the dictionary it is. Or is home a state of being? According to that age old phrase it is. So what is the truth? Here is a shocker, I have no idea.

I can say one thing for sure though, change is hard. Leaving a place you have called home since you were in 1st grade is no walk in the park. Leaving a place that has been in the family, is not a cake walk either. So how do I deal with losing my “home” while being thousands of miles away? I take it day by day.

As with everything that I have been experiencing in the last 11 months, I just take it day by day. You never know what is going to happen or where you are going to end up. BUT I know that in all, God is sovereign. He has a plan bigger than even I can understand. So even on the days I do not want to get up and face reality, I do. Even on the days it seems the weight of the world is on my shoulders and I will not be able to make it. Even when I do not see the end point, or the light at the end of the tunnel I follow God’s leading. Because I might not be able to control much, but God can…God has control! And after all, is not that the point?

 “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” -Hebrews 13:14

I may never feel at home on this earth. I may never feel comfortable. But, I am not supposed too. However, I am supposed to follow His call. People may not always understand, but God’s call on my life or my families life is not supposed to be understood by man. God reveals everything in His time. This is our time to make our next step as a family, and that is what we will do. We do not need the approval of man, but rather the providence of God upon our acts and decisions.

On a different note: the closer and closer I get to the end of this year in Honduras, the harder and harder it is for me to be away from those I love. So, any and all prayers, positive thoughts, and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. Also prayers for the rest of the staff and students at this school and worldwide! It is spring time once again. Kids become less engaged, teachers become more summer hungry, etc. So prayers for students and teachers everywhere that we remain focused and positive!

Also prayers for one of my students. He is 5 demerits away from getting permanently kicked out of our school, which is a really hard thing to deal with as his teacher. It is a complicated situation, but he just struggles to see the long term consequences of his decisions and he continues to make bad ones, constantly. So prayers that the Lord would do some great work in his heart and his life.


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