Privileged Does Not Mean Perfect

**You will want to make it to the end of this one! It contains an important announcement about my future!**

I had the following conversation with one of my 8th Grade students as I was washing my dishes from lunch at the school.

Student: “Miss, is it weird for you?”

Me: “Is what weird for me?”

Student: “Doing your own dishes, like in the sink with your hands.”

Me: “I promise you, I have done my own dishes before!”

Student: “Really?”

Me: “Yes.”


Let me preface this writing with, I know that I am extremely blessed and extremely privileged growing up in the United States. But this conversation threw me off. So later that day I decided to ask my 8th and 9th grade Bible classes about what they thought my life was like growing up in the United States. I got many different answers, some joking some serious. But the overwhelming majority have this fairy tale fantasy idea that growing up in the United States was like what you see in a Disney movie…everything always comes easy for everyone. This is not the case.

I proceeded to share parts of my testimony with my 8th and 9th Grade Bible students, and afterwards they were in shock that someone living in such a privileged country could go through anything negative. All of my students came to the conclusion by the end of our classes that every country, every situation, every life has its own struggles. And THAT was a brilliant reminder for all of us.

This blog is going to be short and sweet. The point of this story is this, even with how privileged we are in the United States…Privileged does NOT mean perfect.

Now, for my big announcement! As most of you know, I have not signed another year contract with my school in Honduras. SO I will be coming home to the United States for ‘good’ June 19th. However, God has already opened a door for me when I return! After spending a couple months in the Pella area I will be moving to Kansas City to serve a year with Americorps! I applied several weeks ago, went through the interview process (via Skype, thank goodness for technology!) and was offered a position last week. I have felt called to the Kansas City area for awhile now and this is the perfect opportunity for me to get my foot in the door. I am excited to begin my new journey in Kansas City, and see what this life has in store for me! 12961348_10154102122405948_7273995769499493400_o12985347_10154114407780948_4804555591042811245_n13015236_10154125278200948_4409634771245638325_n13048153_10154127622815948_5165753224980090603_o12998691_10154114407635948_6624500191949433808_n


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