An Open Letter From a Student

I have been struggling with the fear lately that I have not made any difference this year at all. But this essay from one of my students has thrown that fear in the dirt and stomped on it. These essays were free writes, but most of my students thanked me. That is humbling. God HAS used me this year and for that I am so thankful! I want to share with you all what she wrote, not to make myself look good but to show you how amazing our God is. If He can use me as a vessel for change, He can use you too! Here is what she wrote…

“Dear Miss Toom.

How lucky did I get enough to meet you? I cannot believe we are having our last days with you as our Bible teacher. Miss Toom I really appreciate all your help, love, friendship you game to me all this year. I just want to say thank you! Miss Toom you are an awesome human. I just know you for a year but really Miss it was enough to know how incredible you are. I will miss singing Hello with you. Having those talks about boys hahaha I’m just kidding. I wish you the best, the best! I really love you so much.

Miss Toom next year Bible class without you is not going to be the same. You have that thing that makes me feel better each day. I know that God is really proud to have a daughter like you. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Love doesn’t end when time passes or you live in a different place or somebody is gone. My love for you will never stop. I don’t have words or even this letter is not enough to express how thankful I am and how much I love you. I will miss you so much!”

I did make a difference, God allowed me and all of my imperfections to be used for HIS glory! And I am only happy to have been allowed to take part in something this beautiful! Praise be to God.


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