Since being back in the States, I have noticed how mad people get when we are just the slightest bit inconvenienced. In my hometown right now, there are at least four areas where the roads are under construction. When planning out your quickest route to where you are going, you have to take these construction areas into consideration. If you forget to take them into account, you undoubtedly get frustrated when you start to see those notorious bright orange “Road Closed Ahead” signs. We complain when roads are bad, AND we complain when they fix them.

I am frustrated at the inconvenience I am facing in my life and faith right now. I am ready to move on from my hometown, to Kansas City. I am ready to start the new chapter in my life. But all these “Road Closed Ahead” signs keep seeming to pop up. Banks are not cooperating with loans, our closing dates keep getting pushed back more and more and quite frankly I am frustrated at these inconveniences. BUT these times of greatest inconvenience, the biggest hurts, and the most fears those are the times that God is doing the most work in us. Am I a little stressed out? Absolutely. Am I on the verge of tears most days? Yes. But this is how God changes me, molds me, fixes my potholes if you will.

So…let us not complain about the inconvenience of being fixed. Let us instead findĀ peace and joy in knowing that the product after the fixing will be greater than it was before.


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